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The Beginnings of Bounce. Part 1. Posted on February 5, 2013

Many people ask my husband, Rich, and I how we came up with the idea of putting up Bounce. When we started, we just really wanted to put up a business together. However, thinking about the concept of the business proved to be quite a challenge. Until a friend of mine told me about how she had noticed that in the States, inflatables were becoming to be quite a hit in children’s parties. At this time, Rich and I were still dating and most, if not all, of our social commitments involved attending the parties of our friends’ kids. For all of you unmarried couples who have attended kiddie parties, you know how this feels. At a particular point, Rich and I had noticed that most of the parties would be quite similar to each other already. There would be either the proverbial clown or magician or juggler or character host who at age 45 looked quite odd in a Sponge Bob costume. Then there would be the kids who would pay attention to the performer for about 10 seconds and then loudly disappear with his or her friends running around the venue, using a balloon as a soccer ball. It was memories like these that made us think, why not put up a party venue where all that the kids will do is play. Isn’t that what being kids were all about?


So it was thru this realization that Bounce came about. The original idea was to come up with a place that was so unlike any other. This is why when we opened; our tag line was It’s a Different World. We chose to locate in a warehouse which was obviously not the usual place you would find a party venue. But we needed the high ceiling that will fit our inflatables and we wanted to rent a more affordable place than the mall so that our clients would not have to bear the burden of having to pay such a huge amount just to rent the place. So we designed the place to look like you just entered a circus tent. And it thrilled us when both kids and adults would happily utter out loud that they didn’t expect our place to look the way it did. We also made sure that we wouldn’t be as restrictive as other venues. Personal pet peeves like paying corkage fees and being forced to get accredited suppliers were some things that we did not impose on clients since we ourselves never liked those rules. Of course, we still have policies as well. We strictly follow and never compromise on our 3 S’s – Safety, Security, Sanitation.  Of course some people would not understand why we are so strict with our maximum capacity. Our only explanation to that is that the greatest Philippine disasters happen with overcrowding. As such, when we say we can only accommodate this many people in 1 party room, it really means just that much ☺ We would prefer to help clients look for another venue than risk the safety of their kids, the kids of their friends, and their adult guests. This became more important to us after having our own child. 


The beginnings of Bounce were not that easy. Each party is different and we believe that there is no detail too minor to be overlooked. Yes there are challenges but the joys far outweigh the difficulties. It’s an extremely enjoyable experience to get so personally involved in each and every party of our clients. And at a particular point, they cease to be clients and transition to becoming our friends. That really is the joy of being a part of Bounce. That you get to share such a happy occasion with an entire family who end up becoming wonderful friends who generously share their experiences with Bounce to their own friends and families. To all our Bounce friends who have been part of our lives for the past years, thank you for trusting and believing in us. The party’s not yet over.  ☺