The Beginnings of Bounce. Part 2. Posted on May 22, 2013


Bounce Events Ground, a bigger and better events venue.


It's not that easy running a business. When we decided to be entrepreneurs, we knew the challenges it would entail. But nothing tested our resolve more than the unforgettable disaster called Ondoy.


There is nothing like a calamity to help push one further into unchartered territory. We went thru such a calamity in 2009. Everyone remembers Ondoy. Moreso, those who were located in the affected areas. We were one of the unfortunate ones who were submerged under 6ft of flood water for 3 days. Bounce was right in the middle of the catch basin so all of the rain water had spilled out and stayed in the Pasig area where we were located. To say that we were shocked was an understatement.


After that happened, we could have easily given up, given the loss we incurred during that typhoon. So what made us forge on? A funny incident actually. We were busy cleaning Bounce to get operational as soon as possible as we had clients who still wanted to celebrate at Bounce. In the middle of clean up operations, a woman came walking towards us. She had just come from the village across Bounce. She introduced herself and asked if we would be ready to open in a week as she wanted to throw a birthday party for her grandchild. We were surprised and asked her if she was affected by Ondoy. She said yes her house was submerged but she wanted to celebrate her apo's birthday anyway since it was a once in a lifetime event. It was this significant incident that convinced us that we had to continue with Bounce as we had something of value to offer to the market. It was also this very incident that convinced us to move to a bigger, better and definitely flood-free place.


This is how Bounce Events Ground began. In relocating, we envisioned an events venue that would not only cater to kiddie parties but to all other occasions as well. While still in Pasig, we received numerous inquiries for weddings, debuts, school, and corporate events. We could not accommodate them though as we were set up as a kiddie party venue with an indoor play area so to remove all our equipment entailed a lot of preparation and to redesign the place for formal events took a lot time. What we wanted for our new venue was a place that was designed to easily accommodate any occasion inclusive of amenities needed by clients to spare them from additional expenses of renting equipment and other party needs. This is how we began to plan our new look. We took what we learned from our Pasig operations and made sure to incorporate these in our new site. We put in a sound system, projectors and even dressing rooms for the comfort of clients.  We also kept our policies of ensuring that above all else these three key factors would not be compromised - safety, security and sanitation.


Targeting all-occasion events was truly unchartered territory for us. However, the joy of helping our clients organize their events and execute these as well reinforced our resolve to keep going. We realized that organizing a kiddie party, weddings, debuts, school, and corporate events were pretty much the same. The details would differ but what each client wanted was to ensure a successful, memorable and hassle-free event.


So we continue our journey in our new site in Mandaluyong. We open a new chapter in the history of Bounce as an events venue. We may look different but we still offer the same service of providing our clients hassle-free, stress-free events and we look forward to continuing the privilege of serving our clients for many more years.