About Us


We started Bounce in 2006 as a kiddie party venue, offering an indoor events place with a play area filled with inflatable toys. We put it up because after attending numerous birthday parties, we noticed that kids, given a choice, would rather just play with their friends than watch entertainment or join the usual party games. Inspired by the boom of inflatables in the United States, we decided to put up an indoor venue with a play area since inflatables were not only fun but safe for both children and adults.


In the course of doing business, we not only catered to kiddie parties but actually serviced corporate and school events, debuts, and even a wedding. So in 2012, we took a chance to move to a bigger place and redesign Bounce to serve as an all-occasion venue where one can celebrate any event.


We have always priced Bounce for the budget conscious. We had decided that when we transferred, our packages would still be affordable even for these other events.


The reason why we wanted to offer affordable packages for all-occasion events was that we were frustrated by the prices of other venues when we were looking for a venue for our own wedding. We went around wedding fairs and found that almost everyone offered packages at such high prices. Even if we could find a venue that seemed to be affordable, we would discover that since they only allowed accredited caterers, the catering price added to the venue cost would be way over our budget.


We decided then to PROVIDE A REAL ALTERNATIVE to people looking for a venue that would offer affordable packages and help our clients source equally affordable suppliers so that they can celebrate their special occasions without having to spend so much.


From our own experience, we realized that what we wanted was to save for our future rather than splurge such a huge amount on just one day. It may not make much business sense to offer more affordable packages but we realized that no one was providing an elegant venue (that included amenities such as sound system, projector, dressing room, etc) at affordable prices. 


This is why we opened Bounce Events Ground in Mandaluyong.


We hope that we can help you in whichever way we can. We would love to be part of your special occasion – whether it’s your child’s first birthday, your debut, your wedding, someone’s 60th birthday, a school or a company event.


It would be such a privilege to celebrate with you. 

All the best,

Rich and Maloy