Are you finding it difficult to look for a wedding venue that fits your budget?


Then BOUNCE EVENTS GROUND is the venue for you.


We have packages that allow you to celebrate your wedding for only Php 111,500 for 4-hours use of the venue inclusive of buffet meal for 150 persons (WEEKEND bookings).


You may ask yourself, Php 111,500 for both the venue and catering? You may doubt how we can possibly offer packages this affordable. Some even ask us why we are so affordable. Our response is why do others have to be so expensive? 


We purposely priced our wedding packages this way to help all those practical couples who want to celebrate their wedding in a memorable yet affordable way. 


WHY? Because we were just like you when we were planning for our wedding. When we were looking for a venue for our wedding last 2008, we were surprised at how expensive wedding packages were. It was likewise frustrating to encounter venues that only allowed their accredited caterers whose menus were not within our budget. We were determined to stick to our budget but were frustrated that most places were not flexible enough to allow us to do this.



And together with our reasonable pricing, we also designed Bounce to look as elegant and spacious as other expensive venues. We also have complete amenities that you will need to celebrate your special occasion. This will spare you from incurring additional expenses when you rent bare space venues to give you value for your money.


That’s why we put up Bounce Events Ground. We believe that you really don’t have to spend all your life savings to celebrate your wedding in a memorable yet affordable way. If you’re just like us that we were prioritizing saving enough money for our future and did not want to spend all our savings in just one day, please do give us a call or better yet come and visit us. We’d gladly help you in any way we can.


We can even help you look for other suppliers who can give you more affordable options. It’s like hiring your own party coordinator without the added cost! That way, you not only have a wedding celebration which is within your budget but you have enough leftover funds to begin your married life together.


Allow us to share with you all our wedding tips for a stress-free and budget-friendly celebration! Call us today for more details.



All the best,


Rich and Maloy  

Wedding Venues Philippines