Our venue includes the following amenities

We have big function rooms with a high ceiling that gives you that spacious ballroom ambience. You and your guests won’t feel boxed in. Our 1 function hall can comfortably seat 250 guests (without play area), while our combined 2 functions halls can comfortably seat 500 guests (without play area). With the play area, our 1 function hall can fit 150 persons while our combined rooms can accommodate 300 persons.

Our functions halls already come with rectangular dining tables and cushioned tiffany chairs.

Our ceilings are designed with silver satin swags and big decorative lamps to spare you from having to rent ceiling decors when you rent a bare spaced venue.

Our functions halls are equipped with a centralized sound system (stereo component, usb/ipod/ipad/laptop connection, powerful speakers, amplifier, mixer, and microphones).

Free access to our WiFi connection. Even your relatives and friends who can’t come to the party can join you via online video calls. You may even tweet or post pictures on social media immediately.

Free use of 1 or 2 projectors (with 10ft W x 8ft H screen) depending on the number of function halls you are renting.

Free use of 1 or 2 airconditioned dressing rooms depending on the number of function halls you are renting.

Big pantry (for use by the caterer).

Big common restrooms (male, female, persons with disability).

Big PAY parking area (parking won’t be a problem as the pay parking lot is right in front of Bounce).

150KVA generator for use during your event and a 2nd back-up generator at no extra cost to ensure continued power supply during your event.

Why Choose Bounce

We don’t charge corkage for extra food brought into the venue.

We help you plan your event to make it hassle-free and stress-free. It’s like hiring your own personal event organizer without the extra cost.

Parking won’t be a problem for your guests as a big PAY parking area is available right in front of Bounce.

There is NO BLACK OUT/POWER OUTAGE PROBLEM in Bounce as we have our own 150 kva generator and a 2nd back-up generator. Your event is guaranteed of continuous power supply.

Don’t feel boxed in.

We’ll provide the necessities.